ice cream


Deliciously textured and luxuriously creamy, bursting with real flavours, our ice cream do not contain any artificial additives or preservatives. With various categories of ice cream, be sure of only essential goodness with every mouthful of ice cream.

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Geláre’s light, fluffy and full-of-flavour waffles are freshly baked on the premises every day. Only the finest natural ingredients are used to create products crafted to our traditional recipe, ensuring a mouth-watering waffle experience that’s seriously crunchy on the outside and decadently moist on the inside.

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Beyond a dessert parlour, we have expanded to serve an all-day menu of hot food, bringing people together for a hearty meal and shared memories.

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Indulge in a variety of sundaes, with your favourite Geláre ice cream topped with various type of toppings, making it an ultimate indulgence of sweetness.

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Made with our selected blends of roasted Arabica beans, with the skilful hands of our coffee artisans, our ultimate range of coffee will satisfy the discerning taste of every coffee lover.

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Quench your thirst with the following chosen and created fine beverages to compliment your meal.

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